"It's very uplifting for me to help others improve their lifestyles by creating the living spaces they're dreaming of!"


Nicholas Kurtz

Kitchen & Bathroom Designer
Very early in his life, Nick realized that he had an innate desire to turn imagination into reality. With a captivating interest to design and build, a strong work ethic and personal drive, Nick took a hands on approach to learning trades at a very young age. He balanced the development of his talents during high school by studying math and sciences and honing his skills in woodshop and electronics. He continued his education by studying mechanical engineering, systems analyses, and business to obtain a degree from Drexel University.

Nick has been professionally and passionately designing for the kitchen and bathroom industry for over six years and working within the building & remodeling industry for over twenty years. His strengths are in the details. "Knowing your products and how they work together are crucial to the final fit and finish of every project. The fun part is pulling it all together with inspiring colors and textures!"


Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist
Nick is also designated as a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist through the National Association of Home Builders. His designs have helped meet the needs and improve the lifestyles for over a hundred of his clients. As we continue to live longer and want to stay in our homes, the need for appropriate home modifications has arisen for millions of Americans. "I really enjoy integrating features of Universal Design to help make a home safe and accessible, yet very ascetically pleasing!"

Nick Loves Lancaster Country and its people. He continues to reside there and alongside his wife, they raise four children with the hopes that they too will grow to realize their own dreams.

If you'd like Nick to help you bring your ideas to life, contact him a 717-661-6565 or email nkurtz@barevillekitchens.com.